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Fiduciary Services

Trustee Services

Independent trustees are critical to good governance and our highly experienced professionals bring a consistent approach and institutional quality service to investment funds, structured finance vehicles and other corporate bodies.


With increasing demand from investors for greater transparency and oversight, the presence of an experienced and independent trustee has become a critical component of good governance. Acknowledging these dynamics, the Maples Group has built its trustee services around the needs of the investment funds, partnerships, private companies and structured finance vehicles it serves. The unit trust remains a popular structure for investment funds and structured finance transactions in common law jurisdictions as it can often be more acceptable or attractive than utilising a company or partnership. The Maples Group entities are licensed to act as a trustee in various jurisdictions and we also have the relevant licenses and specialist professionals to hold voting shares of a fund or special purposed vehicle for the benefit of a charitable trust.

The Maples Group maintains a steadfast commitment to serving as trustee with diligence and in good faith in accordance with the terms of the trust deed and for the benefit of beneficiaries and unitholders. Our highly qualified professionals have first-hand experience in the financial services industry with backgrounds in law, accounting, investment management, banking, corporate finance, risk management, management consultancy, trust and private client services, trust administration and fund administration and work collaboratively to deliver a consistent approach and institutional quality level of service.