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Entity Formation & Management Services

Global Entity Services

With bespoke global entity solutions customised to enhance synergies and efficiencies between entities domiciled across different jurisdictions, your single service provider becomes a true global partner.


Investment strategies involving corporate structures used by our clients to deliver value to their investors and shareholders typically require that entities be formed and serviced in multiple jurisdictions around the globe.  As a result, our clients benefit greatly from a single service provider that can act as a strategic partner to create, implement and oversee synergistic relationships between their internal teams, external counsel and other service providers in order to increase operational efficiencies.  The Maples Group offers bespoke solutions to generate such efficiencies, including:

  • A single point of contact and a monitored client specific inbox to ensure all entity service requests are tracked and completed
  • Coordination of all necessary entity and regulatory filings (including the payment of annual and government fees) in order to maintain the regulatory compliance and good standing of entities
  • Centralised maintenance and management of entity related data, enhancing overall reporting functionality for regulatory, audit and management purposes
  • Tagging and loading all entity related documents to a central platform ensuring consistent folder structures and naming conventions are utilised
  • Consolidated billing across multiple jurisdictions to decrease review and approval time
  • Development of checklists and processes for administrative and repetitive tasks to ensure multiple parties move efficiently through task workflows
  • Acting as a global liaison, working with our clients’ current service providers or our established global network of service providers to ensure all entities are managed effectively.

The Maples Group brings unrivalled local expertise across its global network and a proven track record in legal and financial services that helps streamline all aspects of entity services for our clients, wherever they are in the world.