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Maples Group Announces Three-Year Partnership with Central Caribbean Marine Institute

08 Feb 2022

The Maples Group is proud to announce a new three-year partnership with the non-profit marine organisation, Central Caribbean Marine Institute ("CCMI").  The partnership is part of CCMI's Navigator programme that provides funds for CCMI's core capacity that helps to facilitate new projects, expand their ocean and climate science literacy campaign, build their network of researchers and help to maintain and enhance their field station facilities.  The Group will donate US$25,000 each year for the next three years and its contributions will be used to support CCMI's research, conservation and education within the Cayman Islands and across other Caribbean communities. 

"Healthy oceans are vital for a healthy planet and for human life, particularly here in the Cayman Islands. The threats our reefs face require urgent, meaningful research and conservation action and this multi-year support from the Maples Group enables that work at CCMI. The Navigator programme can provide seed money for new projects, support a new hire, or help us address urgent needs that may arise. By committing to three years of support, the Maples Group's contribution also facilitates greater long-term planning and continuity of projects." said CCMI's Director of Research & Education, Dr. Gretchen Goodbody-Gringley.

Commenting on the Group's partnership with CCMI, Matthew Gardner, Cayman Islands Managing Partner said, "The Maples Group is delighted to continue to support CCMI's mission as a Navigator partner. Their work is vital in helping to ensure the ongoing health and protection of our oceans and coral reefs for enjoyment by both current and future generations."

Some of the initiatives undertaken by CCMI include an annual Reef Lecture series, the Reef Ecology and Evolution Laboratory aimed at understanding how ecosystems function in order to maintain biodiversity, offering 100+ scholarships for local students to attend courses at the Little Cayman Research Centre and coral restoration nurseries.  To learn more about CCMI or to make a donation, please visit their website

The Maples Group continues to support local causes and organisations in the Cayman Islands which focus on the development, improvement and benefit of five pillars in the community: Youth & Education, Healthcare, Sports, Arts & Culture and Community Outreach.  To keep up to date with the Maples Group philanthropic efforts, follow the Maples in the Community Facebook page and  Instagram page @MaplesGroup.