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Institutional Investor Services

Institutional investors are facing challenging economic circumstances and have increasingly adopted alternative investment strategies to provide consistent returns and meet their investment objectives. Complex structures have emerged that enable investors to best respond to opportunities within this space. Many institutional investors require assistance in establishing the operational infrastructure needed to implement these strategies and structures.


The Maples Group offers customised operational and technology solutions that enable institutional investors to execute sophisticated investment programs, enhance their risk management and governance practices and provide them with the insight and information they need to monitor managers’ investment decisions, exposures and performance at a more granular level. Ultimately, this enables the investment teams and fiduciaries at OCIO’s, pension funds, family offices, endowments and foundations to focus on their core competencies and to better understand the sophisticated alternative strategies and structures to which they have allocated capital.

Bespoke Support Driven by Our Global Expertise

We leverage our international reach and local market knowledge to deliver a tailored service to every client, anywhere in the world.

Designed to operate as one unit, we have strategically placed teams across the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East that function within a global model to provide continuous support to our clients. The collective knowledge of our global network, supported by regional capabilities that are culturally sensitive to the jurisdictions in which you do business, delivers consistent and quality service that speaks your business’ language. 

Our services to institutional investors include:

Outsourcing routine operational processes allows investment teams to focus on constructing portfolios, working with managers, and managing risks.


Institutional investors are obtaining greater transparency and data from their investment managers. While this data can be extremely valuable, properly aggregating, distilling and interpreting it requires robust systems and data management capabilities.

Management and performance fees as well as other expenses in alternative investments remain in the spotlight. Independent reviews of assets ensures fee accuracy and provides institutional investors with a greater understanding of the strategies to which they have allocated capital.

A Managed Custody Accounts ("MCA") structure creates a template for establishing strategic partnerships between asset allocators and asset managers that affords investors access to managers’ best ideas under a construct that can improve governance, better align interests and reduce expenses.

Click here for more information on our Managed Custody Accounts services, including Portfolio Accounting and Consolidated Reporting.

Institutional investors are continuing to direct more of their alternative investments to managed accounts for the benefits of greater control and portfolio transparency. Establishing and supporting managed account relationships requires significant additional operational processes.


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