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Maples Fund Services Swiss Alternative Funds Roundtable

20 Mar 2017

Switzerland has historically occupied a unique position in the global financial services industry and has long been renowned for being a pioneer in the adoption of sophisticated investment strategies. In recent years, aftershocks of the 2008 financial crisis coupled with macroeconomic uncertainty, has driven demand for increased regulation, stronger standards for governance and new fund vehicles that are perceived to be less risky. In embracing these developments, Switzerland has solidified its reputation as a thriving European asset management centre and market for alternative funds.

Maples Fund Services recently hosted its Alternative Funds Roundtable, in partnership with IG Bank in Switzerland. Panellists discussed the current industry landscape, including key trends and challenges, the impact of regulation, and the future of the Swiss alternative funds industry.

The Roundtable was moderated by Michael McKay, an independent communications and public affairs consultant working across the British and Swiss international business community, particularly in the Geneva region. Participants included:

  • Mike Cartier, Operations Advisor, Culross Global Investment Management
  • Pablo de Gárate, Portfolio Manager, Lera Capital
  • Gavin McGrath, Portfolio Manager – Head of Shipping, Swiss Capital Management Alternative Investments AG
  • Maureen O'Brien, Chief Operations Officer, Dominicé & Co
  • Colin Vidal, Business Development, Hugo Fund Services
  • Heidi de Vries, Partner, Maples and Calder
  • Stephen Lewis, Regional Head of Sales and Relationship Management – Europe, Maples Fund Services

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