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Maples Group London

Our UK corporate and fiduciary services business has eight professionals based in London, with extensive experience across structured finance, hedge funds, private equity funds and corporate structures. 

Structured finance experience includes ABS, RMBS, CMBS and covered bonds programmes as well as other bespoke UK SPV solutions. The team administers a growing book of public and private transactions, including RMBS, auto and personal loan warehousing facilities.

Investment fund and corporate experience includes services to management entities, portfolio and transaction entities and corporate holding entities.

Bespoke Support Driven by Our Global Expertise

We leverage our international and local market knowledge to deliver a tailored service to every client, anywhere in the world.

Designed to operate as one, strategically placed teams function within a global model to provide continuous support to our clients within key jurisdictions across the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East The collective knowledge of our global network, supported by regional capabilities that are culturally sensitive to the jurisdictions in which you do business, delivers consistent and quality service that speaks your business' language.

Our London office can provide:

  • Provide entity formation services to UK entities;
  • Prepare corporate records including articles of association, registration forms, company seal, company stamp, share certificates, registers and minute books;
  • Provide a registered office address and manage all location communications relating to the company; and 
  • Ensure all statutory and regulatory filings are made and all ongoing corporate requirements are satisfied under the relevant laws and regulations. 

  • Act as the named company secretary and registered office, maintaining the statutory registers, minute books and seals;
  • Act as back-up servicer facilitator;
  • Provide meeting facilities, initiate and attend board of director and annual general meetings either in person or via telephone;
  • Prepare and distribute agendas, board packs, minutes and action items to relevant parties; and
  • Sign secretarial certificates, arrange for the execution of agreements, liaise with third parties and provide copies of other documents prepared or retained by us as company secretary. 

  • Provide independent, non-executive directors based in the UK with appropriate experience across investment funds, structured finance vehicles and corporate entities; and
  • Provide directors to vehicles which can act as a general partner to a limited partnership. 

  • Act as trustee to hold voting shares of an investment fund, special purpose vehicle or trust.

  • Provide daily or monthly corporate / management accounting where required;
  • Liaise with auditors, where applicable; and
  • Provide support in certain regulatory reporting and local tax requirements. 

  • Act as UK facilities agent for European UCITS; and
  • Provide process agent services.

  • Coordination of all necessary entity and regulatory filings (including the payment of annual and government fees) in order to maintain regulatory compliance and good standing of entities;
  • Centralised compliance, data management, document management and billing;
  • Protocol and processes development to ensure efficiencies across teams and regions; and
  • Assigned global liaison and single point of contact to work with clients' current service providers to ensure all entities are managed effectively. 


London  Sam
Ellis Senior Vice President

London  Jennifer
Jones Vice President

London  Charles
Leahy Vice President

London  Tina
Westwood Vice President

Dublin  Michael
Drew Vice President


The following materials provide more information on our global and UK fiduciary services offerings.