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Private Equity Fund Services

With the ever increasing challenges of running a successful private equity firm, managers need a partner that not only delivers expertise to support their fund’s unique challenges, but has the technical excellence and innovative culture to respond to evolving regulatory and investor requirements across key global markets to support their ongoing growth.

Our skilled team specialises in a wide range of sectors and disciplines, including buyouts, venture capital, real estate, natural resources, growth capital, direct lending, distressed securities, infrastructure, mezzanine and private equity fund of funds.

Bespoke Support Driven by Our Global Expertise

Our international, multi-jurisdictional presence, approach to client service and our experience dealing with complex structures makes us a compelling choice for supporting your private equity, real estate and hybrid funds. Whatever a fund's requirement, both managers and investors can trust our team to deliver the services they need.

Our experienced teams are led by seasoned professionals with expertise in accounting for private equity investments, complex allocations and fee calculations and monitoring the events that trigger waterfalls throughout the life cycle of each fund.

We offer a single point of contact for each client who will manage the relationship from the onboarding process through to the ongoing daily operational interactions with the investors and general partner. With approximately 220 conversions over the past seven years, we have established the processes, policies and procedures to ensure a seamless migration that retains critical records necessary to generate inception to date internal rate of return, carried interest and waterfall modeling.

Our services and bespoke technologies include:

  • Portfolio accounting: provide accounting for private equity investments including direct and co-investment opportunities and special purpose vehicle investments across various jurisdictions;
  • Reconciliations: reconcile cash and positions to third party statements or relevant transaction documents;
  • Waterfall calculations: allocate profit and loss to limited partners and the general partner and calculate fees, waterfall and carried interest allocations;
  • Financial statements: prepare financial statements for the fund, including relevant note disclosures under IFRS or GAAP accounting standards and assist in the audit process by providing relevant accounting records and supporting schedules; and
  • Fund compliance: generate Form PF and Annex IV regulatory filings on the firm's assets as well as FATCA and CRS reporting.

  • Due diligence: perform investor due diligence including Know Your Client, anti-money laundering services in accordance with applicable jurisdictional anti-money laundering legislation;
  • Maintain register: maintain the register of the fund;Banking: open and operate accounts in required currencies on behalf of the fund to receive contributions and pay distributions, fees and other amounts as required;
  • Transaction processing: process capital transactions including distribution of capital call and distribution notices and processing of cash receipts and distributions;
  • Reporting: provide secure, online access to investor reporting including contract notes, statements, notices and other ancillary documents and correspondence; and
  • Investor liaison: provide timely responses to ad hoc inquiries from investors and their authorised representatives.

  • From Agreements to Waterfalls: Built around FIS’ industry leading private equity fund accounting platform, Investran, Maples Fund Services' technology provides a fully integrated intuitive workflow that captures the specific terms of each fund's allocations, fee calculations and waterfalls through a robust platform that allows for:
  • Bespoke translation of fund limited partnership agreements into unique structured profit and loss allocations, carried interest and waterfall calculations;
  • Integrated fund accounting and investor services software that remove data entry and spreadsheet risk; and
  • A flexible framework approach to optimise control and data.
  • Private Equity Dashboards: Maples Fund Services' private equity dashboard, MaplesFS Connect, provides defined views for specific qualitative and quantitative attributes and allows users to quickly source required data through groupings and sorting by any data attribute for analysis at position level detail and higher level graphical presentation.
  • Investor Reporting: Through our robust and intuitive online reporting platforms, investors and general partners have secure web access to a variety of current and historical documents including capital statements, call and distribution notices, quarterly and annual financial statements, market updates and newsletters and other relevant fund information.

Our online platforms are complemented by email communication. With customisable content, email notification is sent to investors and authorised recipients when a new document is posted to the portal. Emails include an easy click-through feature for securely and directly accessing documents.

The content, layout and format of all investor reporting is ILPA compliant but is also fully customisable, including bilingual and foreign language content.

All portals and reports can be co-branded or white labelled.


New York  Brendan
Tyne Head of Business Development - North America

Boston  Robert M.
Wolfe Head of Private Equity Solutions

Dublin  Christina
McCarthy Regional Head of Fund Services - Europe

Hong Kong  Eastern
Fong Regional Head of Fund Services - Asia

Dubai  Fred
Tabbal Regional Head of Fund Services - Middle East


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